12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas
Work in Progress

Thursday, October 11, 2012


So Many unfinished projects.  As I finish them I'll put them up.  I will quilt each to the end - at last.

Over the last few years, I have put a stop to the madness of trying out every new project that comes my way.  I have not been that successful.  Something comes along that strikes my creative fancy and I just have to do it...but alas before it is finished along comes another great idea and... sidetracked again into yet another project.  Although there are ideas out there that still interfere with my promise to finish and new fabrics that just pull me in, I have put a big dent in the UFO's in my sewing room and have stopped buying new fabric.  With fabric prices so high, it's not in my best interest to buy and not use what I have. 

All of these projects were finished from the fabric in my stash


This piece was the first one done.  It's really very small - about 8" x 8".  It was one block and I didn't care to begin the others I had in mind.  Block is from way back in 1999.  Finally something done with it.  One of my first attempts at Applique.


Some time ago, can't remember how long, maybe the turn of the century, I went to a Saturday Morning Thimbleberry Club at the Local Quilt Shop - The Quilt Foundry in Maumee Ohio.

This wall hanging is pieced and appliqued  with Thimbleberry Fabric.  I'm not terribly fond of the colors, but when I picked this up from my pile of UFO's it was more than half quilted.  I hand quilted to the finish and put on the binding.



Many years ago, when I first began to applique - late 90's, I put this wall hanging together with small bits of fabric left over from other projects.  It was all hand quilted and finished - but a real mess.  I took off the binding, re-cut to make it right, and put another binding on.  It's not the best but it is at it's end.  Finished.



I love leaves, especially in the fall.  I went around my yard and picked leaves and put them between wax paper to preserve them.  From each of the leaves, I created a pattern and appliqued each leaf to a wreath.  When I picked up this project, the ring was appliqued on and the leaves were partially finished.  I worked on this for over a month and where I thought there was a need, I hand embroidered sprays of color.  It is hand appliqued, hand embroidered and hand quilted and (yes!) finished.


In between finishing UFO's, I couldn't help but make this basket.  (As I said, I get distracted.)  It was a month's project for an art quilt group I joined.  It took more than a month but I finished it.  Hand appliqued, hand pieced, and hand quilted. The pattern is my own creation.

All the fabric came from my stash. 


Every year at the beginning of May, Sauder Village in Archbold OH puts on a quilt show and every year they have a challenge.  This was my rendition of the challenge.  After attending the show for years, I finally prepared and finished an entry.  This, by the way, allows you two free tickets to the show and grounds.  My husband and I went together and had a very enjoyable time.

This wall hanging is hand pieced, hand appliqued, and hand quilted. The pattern is my own creation.




Many years ago, I made these blocks.  I will be putting them into a quilt hopefully within the next year.  They are hand appliqued.  I will probably arrange them as you see them with sashing and borders.  It will be hand quilted.  Each block is an 8" square.  But this must wait.







I am working on the wedding gift for my son and daughter in law.  Typical quilter I am.  They were married last February. Their quilt is machine pieced but hand quilted.  I promised to finish it by beginning of November and I am on the last border.  Then it will need to be bound.  Bed size, it has taken me some time. 



Also working on two quilts for my grand daughters.  Almost finished.  These will be machine quilted.  Pictures will be posted.


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