12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas
Work in Progress

Wednesday, April 10, 2013



In 2001 I took a class to learn the quilt as you go technique.  I made this little block and put it away.  When I was organizing my sewing room, I discovered this little project.  I decided to bind it and went into my stash of blue scraps.  I cut out strips and put them together and last night put the binding on.    I'm using it as a table topper for the end table next to my chair.  It fits perfectly and fits a mug a coffee as well as a few other items.


Appropriately it's the Courthouse Steps Block.  I've traveled up and down those steps for 35 years and last week for the last time.  My retirement is official.  Even though I will practice law and keep my license to practice, I'm not taking on any new clients. I may go up and down the Federal Court House steps once in a while but not on a regular basis.  


And in memorium to Judge Richard L. Speer who has recently passed away, you will be missed.




This wall hanging was started in 1999.  That year in January, the Applique Addicts started meeting at the Quilt Foundry in Maumee Ohio.  Some of us participated in a round robin.  Monthly the quilt would make it's way to the next person and they would create a block with the fabric and backing provided.  My group mates prepared some and I prepared the center, the squirrel, the grapes, the mice, the crow and put it all together.  I found this piece at the bottom of a UFO pile and began reconstruction in December of 2012.  Some of the applique had to be redone.  My grapes, for example, were the grapes of a new appliquer.  Not good.  I began the quilting process in January 2013.  It is all hand quilted.  I just finished it in March and put the binding on in April. 



At the time the round robin was going around, so was the label.  Each person who worked on the quilt, signed it.  I attached the label to the quilt on April 9, 2013 which happens to be my granddaughter Maddie's 10th birthday.  Happy Birthday Maddie. She wasn't even born when I started this quilt!  I have two granddaughters.  I will try to time a UFO in honor of Emma's Birthday in September.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sewing Room Organization

For the past 2 weeks or more, I have been organizing my fabrics - taking them out of storage boxes and moving them to shelves.  Each fabric is wrapped around Comic Book Boards and pinned.  This keeps them upright and stable and the pinning keeps them from unraveling.  The beauty of this is that now I know what I have and can easily go to the color or fabric I want and use it to finish up UFO's or start new projects.  My UFO's are now stored in Clear Containers and arranged and stacked on one side of the room in what used to be a closet.  Other items are also stored there such as notions.

Some of my  fabric arranged by color
More Fabric Color Arranged
And More Fabric
 To the right of the book case holding the fabric is a stack of storage bins holding notions and UFO's
The bottom box hold small pieces of fabric wound around a note card for stability and put in a plastic bag such as the yellows and oranges on the 2nd shelf from the top.

This is what one of the boxes used to look like.  OMG.  I could never find anything in that.
Cut and press table with rulers and scissors to the side
I revamped my cutting table and hung my most often used rulers on the side. 

Finally I'm finished.  There are some tweaks that need doing but now I can sew again.  Last night I finished a top I've been working on.  An English Paper Pieced Sampler.  This was done in Christmas Colors and has been waiting around for borders. 
Top for the English Paper Pieced Sampler
It was such a pleasure to sew this up in an organized area.