12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas
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Friday, March 1, 2013

Organizing My Bits of Fabric

Now in fabric boxes

Organizing My Small Pieces

A Few weeks ago, I found while wondering the internet, the idea of using Comic Book Backing Boards to organize my fabric.  I ordered the Backing Boards and started to wrap and organize, but then came upon these little bits that are just a jumbled mess. They aren't going to fit on those Backing Boards..

Jumbled Mess of Greens

 Each time I use these fabrics, I end up tossing them out to see what I want, messing up my sewing space, picking and choosing and then having to put them all back in again.  Time consuming!  So keeping in mind that I would really love to use these bits up I took some index cards and wrapped and organized.  It took me about a half hour.  I did the same with the reds and have begun the blues. 

Red Fabric Wrapped Around a 3 x 5 Index Card

Blue Fabric Wrapped Around a 5 x 7 Index Card
I put them back in the zipper bag, but I might find a better way.  Hey I can see what I have and can pull out whatever I need individually rather than dumping the whole thing out.  Pieces that would not fit on index cards were put in a small baggy.  I plan to use these bits and pieces to make my hexies.

Organized Reds

Organized Greens

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  1. Gee whiz, what a great idea. Will have to consider this one! I have lots of bits and pieces as well.