12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Four Patch top finished.

4 patch from stash scraps



    I have an obsession.  I mean really.  I just can't, can't throw away my scraps.   I have another obsession...using up my considerable stash of fabric and fabric scraps.   So putting these two obsessions to work, I decided to make a 4 patch quilt.   Some time ago, (like over a year ago) I squared some of the bigger pieces into 4 inch squares. This year, I've committed myself to putting those patches into a quilt top.  I have so many UFO's...therefore the subject of this blog.  This was one of them. 


I've been working on this project all year, here and there.  This month, armed with my  Janome Jem Gold 660 Lightweight Sewing Machine, and having the luxury of Quilting Play Dates with friends, I finally finished.   


First, I joined the patches into 4 patch blocks.  Next, the four patches were joined into double 4 patches.  4 double 4 patches made a row.  I ended up with almost 6 rows.     In the end I had to make 3 more double 4 patches to finish it off evenly...so back to my scraps and cut 36 more patches and put these together into 3 more double 4 patches. 


Now this was fun.  No pattern to follow, just a random happening of patches of fabric.  For me a very enjoyable and satisfying project.  OK, any quilter's out there with scraps.  What can you do with yours.  I have so much more to work with.  I need to think of a new way to use them up...nothing mind boggling mind you...just a simple project.  


But first.  I need to get this top quilted.  I'm a hand quilter, but that does take some time.  I just might try my hand ...er.. machine at machine quilting.  Maybe something simple like straight line stitching. 



 My Jem Gold has a 5 piece quilting kit. 

I purchased it so I may as well use it.  I'll quilt this top at one of my next Quilter's Play Dates.

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