12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas
Work in Progress

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


 I'm working along with a Flickr group making blocks every 3 weeks.  The end will be a quilt top created by Sentimental Stitches.

I'm doing mine in all reds and greens with a background fabric that will tie it all together.  All from my stash.  I'm making do.


 I hope to be finished with this by the end of the year and then put it together.  I will quilt it myself but haven't decided how.

I've changed some of the blocks.  This one I've 4 patched the center and added a heart.
 This is the only applique block in the project.  My favorite.  I love applique and it comes easy to me.  Piecing does not.
 My baskets.  Reds and Greens from my stash.  I really need to explain what I mean by stash.  Those bits of red came from my scraps.  Some from the trash basket.  Waste not.
 This is a 12 inch block.  The center fabric was purchased at a local quilt shop in the late 1990's.  Just have a bit more of this left.  I can't imagine what ever possessed me to buy so much fabric that I never used.
 Most of the blocks that are pieced I have foundation pieced.  I duplicate the block with my EQ7 software, and then print foundation pieces.  Once a section is foundation pieced, I remove all paper before putting the sections together.  I find this to be an easier way of making sure it is correct.
 I foundation pieced the log cabins and the half square triangles, removed the papers and then put all together for this block section.

For this one I didn't remove the papers first and it's all wonky.  I'll do this one over, which is not too much of a problem.
This is the same block construction, with my papers removed.  Not as wonky.

So I continue with my projects, using up the fabric purchased ages ago.

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  1. I love these blocks that you show and can imagine how they will all be together in your quilt. I found you from the LE yahoo group although I believe I have been here before- possibly through the Celebrate Hand Quilting which I am part of also? - I am adding you to my feedly reader this time :)